Customized Learning

There isn’t a parent or teacher who doesn’t know two things about how people learn: people learn in different timeframes and in different ways.

We know this so well, and yet most schools are still organized in such a way as try to have students learn in the same way at the same time.  You can’t help but wonder how much of our challenges with student achievement, special education and support services, student discipline, and student motivation aren’t directly linked to the number of students who have been forced to try and learn using someone else’s pace and method!

Customized Learning is the attempt to restructure schools to rectify this, and starts with those two foundational premises: people learn in different ways and in different timeframes.

Overview of Customized Learning

More on Components of Customized Learning

Supporting the Shift to Customized Learning


5 Responses to Customized Learning

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  3. Clerence says:

    Good day, im a Teacher in a township school in south africa. I’m really interested in learning more about “customized learning” and how it can be implemented in my classroom.

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